Say it’s a warm summer day.

You’re sitting on the bench, enjoying the warmth of the sun, and the little breeze hitting your face.

It’s a wonderful day.

Then you see a cute girl walking past you. She’s alone and she locks eyes with you.

A faint smile shows up…

Kamaru Usman
Justin Gaethje
Rose Namajunas

You may or may not recognize these names, but these are championship-caliber MMA fighters. All of them are either title holders or once was. If you were to take a look at these three individuals, you wouldn’t see how all there are connected besides…


Things they don’t really teach us in school.

In fact, these are things our parents don’t really teach us.

The only school I know that teaches us human beings about risk-taking is the School of Living.

Corny, I know.

But let’s get serious for a second.

When you are…

The eternal war in our lives is between a Passive lifestyle and an Active lifestyle.

Each one has its pros and cons.

The Passive lifestyle has minimal short-term pain, little effort, and is comfortable. But this is pained by long-term regret.

The Active lifestyle has intense short-term pain, a lot…

There was this one rich Roman named Crassus.

And when I mean rich, he was the richest Roman. He rubbed shoulders with Julius Caeser, Pompey, and other Roman aristocrats.

However, even with all his wealth, he succumbed to jealousy.

During his time, Julius Caesar went to present-day France and conquered…

Say you’re in line for the cashier at a grocery store.

You patiently wait your turn like everybody else. Eventually, it’s your turn. You say hello to the cashier as they scan your items.

After all the scanning, the cashier tells you the total amount. So you go get your…

With vaccinations taking place, people are hoping ‘normal’ will be on the horizon.

People want their pre-Covid lives back and I can’t blame them.

But isn’t this yearning for the past life a bad sign?

Whenever I see people talk about their glory days, be it their high school time…

This plague of modern man is interesting.

It only shows up when conflict or disruption arrives. For example, all the COVID-related restrictions have shown this plague to flare up. And when people have a hard time dealing with adversity, they tend to show this certain plague in excessive amounts.


One illusion a lot of us have in life is security.

In fact, many people choose their careers based on security.

For example, in the government town, I live in, government jobs are sought after. People think it’s the most secure job in Canada.

So they dedicate their education and…

This week I’ve been consuming music documentaries.

From Shaggy, Eiffel 65, Sisqo, and now Drake.

I guess it’s that type of week.

Anyways, this one documentary about Drake went into detail about how he became such a successful artist. …

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