Add some flavour to your mind

Some days, I can be an ass.

And when I’m an ass, I start noticing things. Things I hate in particular. And one of those things is ordinary minds.

What’s an ordinary mind?

I think a better question is, what feeds an ordinary mind?

An ordinary mind feeds off of mainstream media, social media, sports, gossip, Netflix, anime. And this isn’t a healthy balance, nooooo. An ordinary mind overdoses on of those things.

So after years of consuming this garbage in their heads, people with ordinary minds don’t truly think for themselves, they get swayed with whatever the popular opinion is.

People with ordinary minds also don’t think of themselves as unique, in fact, they think they are just plain as whole wheat chips.

People with ordinary minds fear small challenges.

People with ordinary minds live unfulfilling lives.

Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

The reason why I’m a little harsh with it is that ordinary minds have never brought the best out of people. Instead, it makes them shrivel away from the world.

However, living with an extraordinary mind, I see the world as a place of growth, challenges, and fulfillment. The world is my playground. But most people are afraid.

They are afraid to be themselves.

They are afraid to stand up for themselves.

They are afraid to truly live a life they will enjoy.

When someone has an extraordinary mind, they seek out challenges, are willing to face their fears, and know that every experience is an opportunity for growth.

And when you look throughout history, you can see it is littered with people with extraordinary minds.

So how can regular joes like you and me develop extraordinary minds?

Well, start with what you are feeding your mind on a daily basis.

Read books, more specifically, read books from the last 2000 years that will expose you to the wisdom that is often forgotten.

Live on the edge of your comfort zone. This will feed your mind into giving you the beliefs that you are capable of pushing yourself to grow.

Socialize in real life, instead of on social media. Seeing people will expose you to new experiences and ideas that can fuel your mind to see things from different perspectives.

Honestly, just go out there and explore the world and you will feed your mind in numerous ways.

And over time, your mind will expand and become extraordinary.

You will have courage when others will be afraid.

You will have unique ideas when people have bland ones.

You will become a leader when people would rather stay quiet.

Having an extraordinary mind will bring the best and true you. On the other hand, having an ordinary mind will only bury the real you.

So in a time where the masses are developing the same minds, be the one to stand out.

Life is too short to have an ordinary mind.

So be different.

Be extraordinary.

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