Changing your definition of a win

When it comes to winning, people think it has to be big.

Big sale.

Best grades.

Hottest chick.

Whatever area of life we’re talking about, a win has to be big. But this type of thinking is counterproductive. Because when we only think of winning as big, well, winning comes few and far between.

But funny enough, we actually win a lot more often than we remember.

And you’ll realize this too when you start changing your definition of what a win is.

A win is when you make one small step outside of your comfort womb. And this step can be very small. The size does not matter.

It just has to be in the direction of being away from your comfort womb.

When you start seeing a win like this, well, it naturally motivates you. It keeps you committed to keeping up with more small steps.

Then over time, you’ve made so many steps that you’ll notice a significant improvement.

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

People get so caught up in big wins that they will waste so much of their time chasing them, growing very little in the process. Yet, the person going after the small wins consistently is the person who not only gets more wins in the long run but also grows too.

Now, it’s nice and easy just talking all about this.

But let’s make this email a little more actionable. I am going to recommend a book that will help you get more small wins.

And over time, those small wins will accumulate into bigger wins.

So this book I speak of is Atomic Habits by James Clear.

He will show you how to effectively implement small habits. There is no gimmick, just science-based methods that actually work.

Having read the book and implemented it, I’ve not only been able to get good habits, but also small wins in the process.

So get the book, read it, and apply it.

You only have one life to get the best out of it.

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