Crazy Uncle Bulcha’s Pillars to a friend’s son

I don’t plan on having kids ever.

I’ve helped raise two younger siblings that I was 9 and 12 years older. I love my rascals but they permanently ruined kids for me.

So I’ve accepted the Uncle Bulcha moniker as I’ve come to mentor my younger friends and the kids they bear.

One of my friends back home just had a son recently, and as a gift, I gave him Uncle Bulcha’s Pillars (pending patent) to install in his child.

And because I love my readers and the supporting messages you guys have given me. I figure I pass these Pillars onto you.

You can read them, implement them, criticize it, laugh at them. Do whatever you please, but all I ask is that you live an honest and authentic life.

Photo by Tengyart on Unsplash

And without further adieu, here are the Pillars.

Uncle Bulcha’s Pillars to Life:

Alright, I don’t want to keep lecturing here.

But here are some of Uncle Bulcha’s Pillars. If you guys like this or hate it, let me know and I’ll respond accordingly.

Remember guys, you have one life to live and you better do your best in living a life you can be proud of.

Forget all the toxic people, the discouraging media, the insecurity induced social media.

Go out and be your true self.

Hopefully, my self-conceited Pillars can help you do this.

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