Creating your new normal

With vaccinations taking place, people are hoping ‘normal’ will be on the horizon.

People want their pre-Covid lives back and I can’t blame them.

But isn’t this yearning for the past life a bad sign?

Whenever I see people talk about their glory days, be it their high school time, their university time, etc. They talk about it like it was the best time of their lives.

Yet, they do all this reminiscing thinking that their best days are past them.

This is foolishness.

What you do with your time is your responsibility.

And when people choose to be lazy and do nothing. Well, it’s no wonder that their high school or university days were their best ones.

Anyways, what the heck does this all have to do with normal or new normal?

Well, you have to understand that everyone’s normal is different. And some normals are better than others.

Whether it’s pre-Covid or post-Covid, should not matter.

Photo by Cedric Wilder on Unsplash

What matters is what new normal are you creating for yourself?

Are able to stay fit without a gym?

Are you able to deepen your relationships without actually seeing people?

Are you able to watch less Netflix even when at home for days?

You have the power to decide what is normal in your life.

Don’t let society dictate that for you.

Reading more books should be your new normal.

Having a healthier diet should be your new normal.

Keeping in touch with your friends should be your new normal.

When you set the standards in your life, not only will you think of it as normal for you, but people will think that you have high standards in living.

In modern society, we normalize laziness, procrastination, quick fixes, shallow standards, etc.

And even after Covid, these things will still be part of the new normal.

So ignore all that and take an active role in creating a life where being the best version of yourself is continuously the new normal.

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