Figure out what you cannot not do

“The bird attained whatever grace its shape possesses not as a result of the mere desire for flight, but because it had to fly in air, against gravitation.” — T.E. Hulmes

An interesting quote we have here.

After reading this quote the first time, I asked myself ‘what is it that I cannot not do.’

Regardless of money, love, and education.

What is it that I need to do?

And oddly enough, it was what I was doing with The Charismatic Nerd. Whether I make $0, get no fame, etc. I would still be happy to create content on my YouTube Channel and for my email list.

I just need to.

When I don’t create, I feel less satisfied with my existence.

Photo by Smart on Unsplash

And the reason I bring this up is that you need to start thinking about what it is you need to do.

What is it that you cannot not do?

This is an important question, because when you find the answer (and there is always an answer) and start taking daily action towards it. Your entire being/existence gets enhanced.

You feel better about yourself.

You feel more valuable to mankind.

You feel like you are becoming the ideal version of yourself.

It’s hard to describe, but life becomes better. It’s as if you have this natural purpose and devoting your life to it seems right.

When you find what it is you need to do or create. You’ll also come to realize that death will be even less scary. Because when you use yourself and fulfill your true calling, you’ll be okay with your life-ending.

It’s like going to bed to sleep after a good day of wholesome work.

I could keep blabbing on, but there is a lot of benefits to your life when you find that thing to commit your life to.

And remember to disregard all the external factors like money or popularity. Find what it is YOU want to do and then devote the rest of your life to it.

Life is simple guys.

So get the most out of it while you can.

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