How the richest Roman got himself killed

There was this one rich Roman named Crassus.

And when I mean rich, he was the richest Roman. He rubbed shoulders with Julius Caeser, Pompey, and other Roman aristocrats.

However, even with all his wealth, he succumbed to jealousy.

During his time, Julius Caesar went to present-day France and conquered the people there. Which for the Romans was a magnificent accomplishment, considering that people from present-day France almost destroyed Rome completely.

Anyways, Crassus got jealous of Caesar and wanted to have his own military success.

So he got some legions and went out east to fight the Parthians.

And next thing you know, Crassus’s legions were completely destroyed.

Crassus was captured and he even tried to bribe his way out of it.

But the Parthians ended up pouring molten gold down his throat.

Photo by Massimo Virgilio on Unsplash

The reason I bring this tragic story is to remind you that we need to be honest about our intentions.

Being human, we can get carried away with our emotions.

Only to hurt ourselves in the long run.

That’s why we need to be more self-aware and self-reflect on a daily basis. These simple habits will help us understand what our intentions are and why.

Had Crassus taken a step back and self-reflected, perhaps he would have realized his jealousy would do him no good, possibly giving him a better end.

It’s human to have all types of emotions, but it also takes responsibility for not falling victim to them.

Crassus is one of history’s countless people who have led themselves to disaster by not questioning their true intentions.

So don’t be like these fallen individuals.

Be more honest with yourself.

Be more self-aware.

And you’ll prevent yourself from ending up like Crassus.

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