How to not get anything in life

Yes, you read that right.

How to not get anything in life.

And it’s a simple habit that we’ve all practised unconsciously countless times. Whether it came to dating, making money, working out, you name it.

This habit is so subtle and destructive, you honestly won’t even know it’s affecting you.

However, once you recognize it and make a philosophical shift, you’ll be able to have things go your way more often.

So the cursed habit I beg you to stay away from is hyperintention.

The more you pay attention to something you want, the less likely you’ll get it. Say you’re crushing on a girl. You start dreaming about her and planning your wedding. When it comes time to ask your crush out, you’re going to put so much pressure on yourself to the point where you choke.

There are so many things wrong with hyperintention. It makes you look desperate, you put too much pressure on yourself, etc.

So how do we fight it?

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

Focus on yourself!

When you focus on yourself, build a life you enjoy, and invest in yourself. You will not have time to focus on pointless things or people.

It’s amazing how simple life is.

Instead of focusing on girls, build a fun social life and meeting girls will be easy.

Instead of focusing on finding your dream job, build a network and finding a job you will love will be easy.

Instead of focusing on money, build an in-demand skillset and getting money will be easy.

Never put too much focus on the end result, otherwise, you will sabotage yourself.

Guys, listen to me, life is incredibly simple. Learn to love the process, the journey, and you will get more than what you were looking for.

If you guys want to read more about hyperintention then check out The Will to Meaning by Viktor Frankl.

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