How you’re signing the deal with the devil without even knowing it

Say it’s a warm summer day.

You’re sitting on the bench, enjoying the warmth of the sun, and the little breeze hitting your face.

It’s a wonderful day.

Then you see a cute girl walking past you. She’s alone and she locks eyes with you.

A faint smile shows up on her face.

You smile back and wonder: Should I say something?

But you are feeling nervous, time is passing. You can’t make a decision on whether to talk to her or not.

The question keeps repeating in your head: Should I say something?

By the time you have made a decision, she is gone.

Never to see her again.

That incident, my fellow nerds, is you signing a deal with the devil.

Photo by Alessio Zaccaria on Unsplash

Now some of you are thinking I’m probably smoking too much. But for this email, I’m 100% sober.

Here’s the thing, whenever you turn away from a moment that is outside your comfort womb, you are effectively signing a deal with the devil. You have to understand, when you venture outside the comfort womb, it requires you to be more than what you currently are. It requires you to be the confident, courageous, and vulnerable version of yourself. The things needed to reach your true potential.

Yet, when you turn away from these challenging moments (big or small), you are signing a deal with the devil, where you are giving up your true potential for temporary comfort.

Let me repeat that: Signing a deal with the devil is giving up your true potential for temporary comfort.

The devil knows he is getting a steal.

To have you not reach your full potential is what he wants. Because when you are in that condition, you are living in your own private hell. And this is what feeds the devil. He wants you to be in your own private hell, where he can reign over you.

I know this sounds philosophical or religious, but I am not even going for that.

You see, I can speak from experience.

I gave up 10 years of my life by signing all these deals with the devil.

Whenever a moment came to stand up to a bully, I was scared of causing conflict and looked for some temporary comfort.

Or whenever a moment came to follow my curiosity, I was scared that I didn’t have what it takes, and looked for temporary comfort in my familiar environment.

All these moments and more, I sacrificed reaching a new level of my potential for temporary comfort.

10 years of my life, gone.

10 years of my life signing all these deals with the devil.

Although I’m wiser now, I wished I had known to rip up those deals with the devil and went headfirst into life. Accepting all those moments to venture outside my comfort womb. Where life would have thrown trials after trials after me, but I still went forth realizing that this was all the better for me. Because that’s what makes us human, to apply ourselves to the difficult world and to come out of it better.

Yet, that never happened from 17–26.

However, for you, my fellow nerds, you do not have to make the same mistake as me.

Realize that anytime you are running away from challenges outside your comfort womb, you are signing a deal with the devil. And for those times when seeking temporary comfort is irresistible, remember that the devil wants you in your own private hell.

Anyways, I hope this email helps you think about your actions in your day-to-day life.

Until next time,

The Charismatic Nerd

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