Lessons from Batman Begins

Once in a while, I like to revisit Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins.

Even though it’s a Hollywood movie, the Batman trilogy has a lot of wisdom with regard to fear, the self, and becoming what you are meant to be.

This past week, I came upon a clip from Batman Begins.

It has Rachel (Bruce Wayne’s childhood friend) walking into a restaurant and bumping into Bruce after 10 years of no contact.

Bruce is with supermodels and is wet from swimming in the restaurant’s fountain. Basically, he looks like a self-indulgent rich kid.

And when Rachel subtly points out to Bruce his carefree lifestyle while she is trying to fight for Gotham, Bruce is offended.

He is offended because the rich kid thing is an act.

He even tries to tell Rachel that he is more underneath.

However, Rachel comes in with a powerful statement that we should remind ourselves from time to time.

Photo by Serge Kutuzov on Unsplash

That statement she said to Bruce was:

It’s not who you are underneath but it’s what you do that defines you.

God damn!

I felt Bruce’s pain in the movie when I heard that. And the reason why it pains Bruce is that his current actions are what’s defining him.

It’s not his elaborate plans that go on in his head. But the action he takes in his life.

And from here Batman gets serious and does some serious damage to Gotham’s criminals.

But Rachel’s words of wisdom also applies to you.

I’m sure underneath, you are a smart, ambitious, and creative individual. But what do you have to show for it?

You see, you have to remember that your actions represent who you are.

Not your words.

Not your thoughts.

But your actions.

We live in a society that talks a lot and unfortunately, the people that talk the most and the loudest get the most attention.

However, the people who take action are the ones actually building a life they are proud of. And ironically, they don’t need the attention to get satisfaction.

Like I always say, you have limited time on earth.

So it’s best to be like Batman and let your actions define who you are.

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