My Mongol Fetish

For whatever reason, I love Mongol history from the thirteenth century.

Something about how some nomad tribes in Asia come out of nowhere to conquer so much of the known world.

Well, I started watching a documentary series about how the Mongols were able to do so much.

And the first episode in the series talks about the Mongol way of life.

More specifically, they talk about how Mongol men learned to ride animals before they walked. As children, Mongol boys rode sheep and hunted small animals. Then as they got older, they would ride small horses and hunt rabbits and foxes.

And with more responsibility, they would herd the cattle and sheep while being on horseback.

With horseback riding being so key to their way of life, they had some technology that would make their lives easier. Like having a saddle where they can adjust their position or having various types of bow and arrows they can shoot while riding.

Photo by Lightscape on Unsplash

Ironically, all of this is what contributed to the Mongols conquering the Chinese, Arabs, and Europeans.

The Mongols were such excellent horsemen who could shoot while riding, that it caught their enemies off-guard. Mind you, there were other factors like the Mongol’s feint retreat, their usage of other civilizations’ engineering/technology, etc.

But the core of the Mongol’s success was their excellent horseback riding.

So what’s the point of this random history lesson in your inbox?

Your success is a by-product of your daily life.

The Mongols didn’t start off with horseback riding knowing it would lead them to create the largest contiguous land empire of all time.


They did it because it was needed to navigate the rough mountainous region in Mongolia. Yet it led them to their success.

The same can be said about us.

What are we doing one daily basis that will eventually lead us to our own personal success?

Are you investing in yourself?

Are you cutting out distractions?

Are you comfortable being alone?

Really think about what you do on a daily basis. Because when opportunities come your way, you want to be ready to seize it.

When that promotion is being decided at work, you want your superiors to see you as a natural fit.

When that cute girl is wanting to go out on a date, you want her to naturally think of you first.

When that friend is in dire need of help, you want him to think of you for help.

Let every day be an opportunity to refine your skills, inner strength, and confidence. And just like the Mongols, you’ll be coming out of nowhere to claim success.

Minus all the killings and pillaging of course.

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