My weird relationship with frozen pizza

For whatever reason, I love frozen pizza.

I can’t explain the reason why. Maybe it’s because I put some effort into making it compared to ordering one.

I don’t know but who cares.

However, the only time my relationship with frozen pizza gets weird is when I still eat a bad frozen pizza.

And when I mean bad, I don’t mean the pizza is past its expiration date.

I mean the pizza just tastes bad.

And today, I had one of those frozen pizzas.

It was a frozen cheese pizza with barely any cheese on it. As I was about to prep it up, my wife asked me if I wanted mozzarella on the pizza.

I asked her why and she told me that if I didn’t like the pizza, why not make it a little better.

So I did add the mozzarella and when the pizza was ready, it tasted waaaay better.

As soon as I was done the pizza, it made me realize why I put up with so many bad frozen pizzas in the past.

I realized that I acted powerlessly and just accepted my fate with the frozen pizza I got.

Instead, I should have asked myself ‘what could I do to make this better?

Had I asked this question, I would not have to put up with a bad bunch of frozen pizzas.

And what I want to convey to you is that you should be asking a similar question in life.

When a situation is not to your liking, ask yourself: What can I do to make this better?

Photo by Ivan Torres on Unsplash

With that question, you empowering yourself.

You are not being passive and accepting whatever fate throws at you.

Instead, you are taking an active role in your life.

A lot of people just accept bad situations.

Whether it be relationships, jobs, friends.

Yet rarely do they ask themselves how they can make it better.

A lot of guys complain about not getting dates, but if they asked themselves what they can do better. They would quickly realize that they are not meeting and asking out enough girls.

Or how about when guys complain about their jobs. If they asked themselves what they can do better, they would realize that they can network for another job or start a side hustle.

Just by asking yourself what you can do better, you are opening up many possibilities.

Many people today feel like they are victims.

That leads to nothing.

We have to realize that we have all the power we need to make a change.

Life is too precious to feel powerless.

So use your time wisely and be better.

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