No such thing as security

One illusion a lot of us have in life is security.

In fact, many people choose their careers based on security.

For example, in the government town, I live in, government jobs are sought after. People think it’s the most secure job in Canada.

So they dedicate their education and careers to getting a secure government job.

But this is an illusion.

Security doesn’t exist.

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In fact, a lot of government workers are putting their careers at risk. How so? Well, when you silo your career and experience to only one industry, you make yourself very vulnerable. Because when the government decides to cut jobs (which they will do to recover from the COVID deficits), many government workers will be out of jobs and have a hard time finding another government job.

I’m not trying to sound all doomsday, it’s just that some people think that security exists.

It doesn’t.

It doesn’t exist in mother nature and doesn’t exist very much in the economy.

So the one thing we have to develop is adaptability.

Just like in nature, it is the most adaptable organism that succeeds. Not the strongest nor the smartest. But the one that can change with current circumstances.

When you have this trait, it doesn’t matter whether it is boom or bust, you’ll be able to adapt.

In fact, you will probably find opportunities.

Since your career and mindset are not specialized to one industry, you will be able to think more creatively to benefit yourself.

So don’t make the mistake that millions of people make.

Don’t believe in the illusion of security.

Become adaptable.

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