Should Rome be canceled?

So Rome has a shady past.

It’s filled with a man killing his brother, kidnapping, rapes, and criminals.

A great way to start a village.

Yet, out of all these vices, Rome came to be a superpower. In fact, when they went on to conquer surrounding territories, they had the audacity to call their city ‘Holy.’

So why am I bringing this unsolicited history lesson on Rome?

Well, if Rome can come from a weird and unholy background, and go on to become a superpower. Then why can’t you have a similar transformation?

Going from unpolished and awkward to a well-rounded and interesting individual.

As corny as this sounds, so many things are possible in life.

Photo by Jan Zhukov on Unsplash

When I went to junior high and high school, they used to call me Steve Urkel. But when I worked out, read books, and embraced my charismatic nature.

I became Stefan Urquelle.

And if you don’t know, Stefan Urquelle is the more polished and smooth alter-ego of Steve Urkel.

People started treating me differently.

Girls started paying more attention to me.

Strangers were more open to me.

All this from my own transformation.

Now, my background isn’t as dirty as Rome, it’s probably dirtier ;). But if I can make a transformation, if Rome can make a transformation, why not you.

I could littler this email with many examples, but I won’t,

I want you to realize that no matter your background, no matter your supposed disadvantages, no matter your place in life now.

You can change become a lot more than you can ever imagine.

If the early Roman settlers thought their little village filled with criminals and rapists would be the start of the great empire, I’m sure they would laugh.

But now we look at the Roman empire with awe.

And when you are on your deathbed, you should have a similar feeling, where you are looking back at your life with amazement.

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