Stop playing the game you don’t like

There is this one rapper named Russ.

People in the hip hop world love him or hate him. There is no in-between.

At times he rubbed me off the wrong way, but eventually, I’ve come to like him and his music.

The thing about Russ is he exudes his lyrics and overall life philosophy.

Whether it’s through his music, business ventures, or interviews. You get a sense that Russ not only talks the talk but walks the walk.

And a couple of days ago, I was listening to his song called Stockholm Syndrome and he rapped some lyrics which I thought could be applied to all of us. It went like this:

‘Ony way to beat the game is don’t play it, f*ck you, come on.’

The reason why I went all giddy with these lyrics is that I could relate to them. When I stopped playing the games society expected from me is when I was able to find more peace of mind.

Photo by Daniel Cheung on Unsplash

In fact, I decided to start playing my own game where finding internal peace was the goal.

This involved cutting out a lot of people from my social circle, minimizing contact with some family members, and currently working in a job where I don’t have to drink the company kool-aid.

By playing my own game, it became so much easier to ignore society’s standards.

And when I look at my peers playing society’s game, a lot of them don’t like it. They follow the simple path of going to school, getting a job (they probably don’t like), and wasting away their time with unfulfilling activities.

Yet, so many people don’t realize they don’t have to play society’s game.

For whatever reason, this option is never brought up in our minds. Well, I’m telling you that you have that option.

You have the option to play your own game.

And the fun part about playing your own game is that you create the rules and goals. You find the ones that seem authentic and honest to you.

When you give yourself that power for your own life, you’re going to wonder why you wasted all these years playing a game you didn’t like.

So with the remaining years in your life, go and create the one you can be proud of.

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