The basic white girl saying that is true

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Do you know which saying I’m talking about?

The one every white girl will have in their homes plastered on their walls.

It’s a saying that these girls will see every day but don’t live by. Heck, even guys could benefit from it but don’t live by it as well.

I’m not going to lie, writing this saying pains me a little but for the greater good, I will type it up and explain it so that it will benefit you. So don’t let this be in vain.

The lame and basic saying is: Live. Laugh. Love.

The reason why this white girl saying is important is due to the order of it. Live first, laugh second, then love.

Many people mess up their lives because they mess up the order of this. Some people will put love first but never find it. Others will laugh first, but their lives end up being a joke.

You have to live first!


Because when you live first, you are allowing yourself to experience life. And when you experience life, you are growing naturally. You should be out adventuring, taking risks, and creating a life that comes from you. Not your parents, not your friends, not your religion, but from you.

When you have a life you enjoy, you can naturally laugh at all the minor things in life. You can laugh at your old self, you can laugh at mistakes and not take them too seriously. Since you have lived, you know what the important things are in life and what isn’t. And you’ll come to quickly realize that in life, a lot of things are not serious at all.

Now finally, love. Why does this come last? Because you can’t appreciate love and admiration from someone unless you’ve developed a healthy relationship with yourself. The reason why you need to live and laugh before love is to develop that relationship with yourself and the world. When that relationship is strong, your experience with life will be significantly more enjoyable. The self-trust and confidence you have will make life your playground.

And with that same self-trust and confidence, you can appreciate the humor that life has to offer, like laughing when you miss a half-court three-pointer just to annoy your teammates. This all then leads you to be able to receive genuine and non-manipulative love from people that want to be in your life.

My problem for some time of my life was that I put either laugh or love before live. And that ended up being a disaster as I got no love and I was a joke to most people.

But once I made Live a priority, I traveled, I started side projects, new hobbies, and I was naturally able to find girls that were interested in me.

So start thinking if you have Live, Laugh, and Love in the right order.

Because when that is in the right order, life will be a lot more enjoyable to live.

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