The battle between the Passive and Active lifestyles

The eternal war in our lives is between a Passive lifestyle and an Active lifestyle.

Each one has its pros and cons.

The Passive lifestyle has minimal short-term pain, little effort, and is comfortable. But this is pained by long-term regret.

The Active lifestyle has intense short-term pain, a lot of effort, and not very comfortable. But is rewarded with long-term satisfaction.

This war between these two lifestyles is not one that is ever discussed in detail. Every moment of our lives is an opportunity to see which of these two will win a battle. Some people have being Active winning the war. Most have being Passive winning.

So what constitutes someone having a Passive lifestyle.

For starters, you expect life to give you all the good stuff in life.

Like opportunities, success, security, etc.

Living a Passive lifestyle has you being dependant on chance or others for things in your life. Ironically, this also leaves you to find that all your problems are on other people and bad luck.

With a Passive lifestyle, it’s never you that is the problem, but instead the victim.

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Compare this to someone who lives an Active lifestyle.

For starters, you expect nothing in life to be handed to you.

Living an Active lifestyle makes you realize that you have the responsibility to craft almost every aspect of your life. Whether it be social, romantic, career, etc. You realize that you have to be active in creating the process.

And funny enough, whether the results are okay or amazing, there is a satisfying feeling. Because, whatever you have achieved, nobody can take it away from you. And since you were involved in building your life, you have the capacity to do it again. I.e. moving to a new city, switching careers.

However, living the Active lifestyle has a lot of bumps on the road, failures, and pain.

Yet, the person you become after the journey is magnificent.

And unlike the Passive lifestyle, where you don’t change as much as a person.

The Active lifestyle will always be worth it.

However, this is something you have to choose every moment in your life. You have to be able to answer: Will I choose to be Active or Passive at this moment?

The more times you choose the Active side, the better off you will be.

Go and be Active in your life.

Go create a life you can be proud of on your deathbed.

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