The obvious plague of modern man

This plague of modern man is interesting.

It only shows up when conflict or disruption arrives. For example, all the COVID-related restrictions have shown this plague to flare up. And when people have a hard time dealing with adversity, they tend to show this certain plague in excessive amounts.

To be quite frank, because of this plague, modern man forgets about death, forgets to be grateful, and forgets to be in the present.

Don’t worry, I won’t keep yammering on.

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This plague of modern man is entitlement.

Modern man feels entitled to tomorrow.

Modern man feels entitled to security.

Modern man feels entitled to friends and family.

In all this entitlement, you can start seeing a trend. A trend of expecting to be given results in their lives.

A lot of guys complain about women being difficult to date and expect to get laid fairly easily. This is foolishness. They ignore the whole process of being fun and confident individuals, regardless of whether they get laid or not. But they skip the process expecting women to like them as they are.

Or how about public servants who are so used to having a job where they do little, but expect full pay and benefits. This is foolishness. They ignore the whole process of developing their skillset, regardless of whether they will get compensated for it or not. Because if they ever do get laid off, they will be fine as they can pivot to other industries. However, most of them skip the process and expect to be employed until their retirement.

Entitlement will do more harm to you than good.

It makes you feel like the world owes you and that is a tragic illusion.

You have to realize that the world owes you nothing.

It doesn’t owe you tomorrow, security, or people.

When you accept this harsh truth, then you will learn to be grateful for life, your current job, and your friends/family. Because in a flash, all of this and more can be gone.

One of the best ways to defeat entitlement is to be brutally honest with yourself.

Whether it is big or small, just be honest.

In the long run, this will help you in many areas, like making less life-altering mistakes (i.e. marrying the wrong person, going into business with the wrong person.).

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