The only person you should be 100% honest to

A couple of weeks ago, I finished a section of Jordan Peterson’s Self-Authoring Program called Present Faults.

So in this section, I had to analyze my current faults, how they negatively affected me, and what I can do better about them.

Writing my faults down was tough.

Because I had to admit to myself the faults I have and how I let them affect me negatively. A lot of mixed emotions came out typing out all this stuff.

Once I was done, I was relieved, but also more aware of my present faults. It’s kind of weird, but I became more conscious if I was about to commit a fault that I wrote about in the program. As a result, I was less apt to commit the same faults and knew if I were to go through with any of the faults, I would be betraying myself.

Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash

Anyway, with this new self-awareness, I’m thinking that I’m all Gucci right?

Well, knowing how forgetful I can get, I decided to commit to reviewing the entire present faults section once per week. Just so I could be more aware and not fall into the same traps I have in my life.

And the funny thing is, reviewing the present faults was still difficult.

Even though I wrote all this stuff down, reviewing the stuff still forced me to be 100% honest with myself. And it was still painful.

Even as I was reviewing it, I wanted to stop.

But in the end, I knew that reviewing all this stuff would only help me in being honest with myself. And if there is anybody you should be honest to, it’s yourself.

We can lie all we want to ourselves, but this only hurts ourselves. And that hurt is worse, because it’s chronic and cumulative, and there will be years of damage from it.

Whereas with 100% self-honesty, you might get hurt temporarily, but it will be for the better. In fact, because of the honesty you will more likely improve and grow as a person, as you become aware of not falling for the same mistakes.

So if there is one life habit to practise until you die, it’s self-honesty.

I highly recommend Jordan Peterson’s Self-Authoring program. Especially if you can’t afford therapy, this is a great alternative.

Anyways, I’ll shut my yap.

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