The scary thing about creating your own values

If you’ve read my posts, you know I am big on creating your own values.

I even went as far as to say to create your own constitution (because I’m corny).

But through all this, I did not discuss one scary thing about creating your own values. Before I tell you what this scary thing is, you have to understand that when you create your own values, you are rejecting the values that others or society is trying to force-feed you.

And this creates the scary scenario of standing alone with your values.

Your friends, family, or peers might not even understand your values and might even mock you in the process.

But when you choose to not only create your values but also stand by them, you are showing courage.

The courage to live life the way you want.

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If people try to infringe on your values, then you know to limit your presence around them (if not cut them out).

And as a result, you will get respect or even admiration from others.

Because you are showing that you are not afraid to step away from the conformist ways of society. You are not afraid to shine as you are.

Trust me, I’ve experienced this.

I was afraid to step away from my family’s values, my religious values, my country’s values.

And adopting all these values without thinking made me live far below my potential.

Yet, when I decided to create my own values, mix and match the ones I liked from my upbringing. I’ve been able to live life the way I want.

And whenever family, friends, or peers try to infringe on my values, I make the simple decision to cut them out.

Mind you, this is not all easy.

I’ve been ex-communicated by some family members.

Yet, I stood by my values and those difficult family members have come around to accept me as I am.

When you create your own values, you might be alone.

But you will also become the more courageous version of yourself.

That courageous version that is not afraid to stand out, deal with conflict, or adversity.

Your life is in your hands.

Your life is your creation.

So be okay with being alone. Be okay with wanting to live your best life.

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