What prison workout videos taught me

I was watching some prison workout videos on Youtube.

And God damn!

These prisoners know how to workout with nothing but space and their bodies.

From burpees, pushups, and weird combinations of other exercises, these guys would work up a sweat.

In the comment section, I also found some interesting insights into these prison workouts.

People who did time or knew people who did time in prison said that prisoners didn’t work out to look good.

In the fact, that was the least likely reason to workout.

They worked out for survival!

In prison, fights and riots were a daily occurrence.

These guys had to be ready.

Photo by Damir Spanic on Unsplash

And what’s even more interesting is that bodybuilding would actually cause a disadvantage. Since fights require endurance and cardio, bodybuilders would tire out quickly and get beat.

In prison, working out has a purpose.

And they get a nice rocking body as a by-product.

This is how you should look at doing things that are good for you in life.

Doing things to ensure you are best prepared to handle whatever life throws at you.

You want to be fit for your health.

You want to be self-educated to increase your income.

You want to be confident to live a great life.

And the amazing thing is that you will get beneficial by-products. By working out, you’ll look more attractive. With self-education, you will be able to think more critically. And with confidence, you will be able to stand up for yourself.

However, when people try and do good things for the by-products only, their motivation will quickly get sapped.

That’s not how we should approach it.

Do things to ensure our survival in life.

With that in mind, we will find the motivation when we are lazy.

Nobody is going to live our lives, it’s only going to be us.

The most vulnerable people are the ones who made themselves weak from living a life of luxury.

We’re not going to make that same mistake

Everything we do is to ensure we are developing ourselves to the point we can handle whatever fate gives us.

Life is always going to give us challenges and it is our responsibility to be prepared.

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