What sports can teach non-sports fans

Sports can teach us a lot.

You don’t even have to play sports to get its benefits.

Whether it’s the juiced-up guys in the NFL or the juiced-up guys in baseball, they can all teach us some real-life lessons we can use.

And one of those lessons is being hurt.

Most athletes are hurt in one form or the other. To have an athlete that is 100% healthy is a false dream. Even though teams will say their healthy players are actually healthy, the players are dealing with either a minor injury or an injury that they can manage.

So unless these players are seriously hurt, they continue to play and pursue the goal of a championship. Even at times when it hurts to play, a lot of players still show up and produce.

You can find countless examples of this from boxing, MMA, the NHL, NFL, etc.

Photo by Sean Benesh on Unsplash

People are willing to go the extra yard when hurt.

And the reason I bring all this up is to show you that even us regular joes are hurt in some way but it’s no excuse to not go out and take action for ourselves.

We’re not hurt in the physical sense, but hurt in the sense that we don’t trust ourselves, not confident, weak-willed, or any mind games we play on ourselves.

But that being said it’s still not an excuse to not go out in life and try to become what we’re meant for.

A lot of people make the excuse that they have to wait for the right time. Yet, if you were telling athletes to play when they were 100% healthy with no minor injuries, they would play very few games in their careers.

Athletes know that there is never a right time or time they are 100% healthy. They realize their time is now to perform, and they need to take advantage.

That’s how we have to look at life.

The only time we have is now.

We may not be 100% mentally ready.

We may not be 100% confident.

We may not be 100% skilled.

In life, we’ll never be 100% ready on paper, but who cares. You only have this life, so you have to be ready to take action and perform.

Even if you have a poor outing, you keep showing up, and you will get better.

And over time you are going to see that waiting to be ready was one of the greatest lies you told yourself.

So wait no longer.

Go out there and live. Become what it is that you always wanted. Life is too short to be anything less.

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