What terrorists and social media addicts have in common

Terrorists and social media addicts.

Who would have thought that these two had something in common?!

To the naked eye, it looks like they have nothing in common. One wants to cause harm to people, and the other likes to scroll through Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat for hours.

But if you go a little deeper, you’ll find that terrorists and social media addicts are extremely insecure.

They are too afraid to be by themselves and be alone with their thoughts.

To do this would cause them madness.

So instead, they find something to distract them or numb them from being alone.

And in the long run, they end up hurting themselves and others.

Now, this doesn’t only apply to terrorists and social media activists, but to everybody.

We all do things to numb ourselves from being alone with our true selves.

For me, it used to be obsessing over every sport I liked. Football, soccer, basketball, baseball, etc. I would care about the games, the stories, the pundits.

I used all that to distract myself.

For you, it could be social media, drinking, whatever.

But the point is to recognize when we try to distract ourselves.

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We have to fight that urge and learn that it’s okay to be alone.

Because when you learn to be okay with yourself and thoughts, you are teaching yourself that it’s okay to be you.

The more time we spend with ourselves, the more we get to know ourselves.

These are the moments where we learn what motivates us, what are our insecurities are, etc.

Doing this helps us see through the BS and be honest.

Over time, we’ll soon realize that it’s okay to be ourselves. And that it’s okay to have flaws and all.

Too many people are living lives where they don’t know themselves. They let their insecurities drive them to find distractions so that they can never be truly alone.

To do this is to reject yourself.

And that’s why I find it sad when I see a young man choose to be a terrorist or a young girl spending hours on Instagram.

In effect, they are rejecting themselves on a daily basis.

Life is short and we shouldn’t be trying to distract ourselves.

Instead, we should be out in the world living.

So please guys, don’t distract yourself from the brief time you have here on earth.

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