Why Internet Gurus are so cringe

Internet Gurus are something else.

They scream that they have the secret formula for success.

Whether it be for finances, productivity, positivity, etc.

And then when they sucker in someone to buy their training, the client feels bad for not getting amazing results, feeling like something is wrong with them.

Why wouldn’t they feel that way, since the Guru gave them the perfect solution?

The reason why I find these Gurus so cringe is the fact they think their solution is the perfect one for everybody.

Doesn’t matter what the person’s background is, their financial status, their current knowledge, etc.

They make people believe they have the Magic Solution that will help them find success and wealth.

It’s just wrong.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

And if there is anything I learned over the years is that what works for one person doesn’t mean it will for everyone.

Every individual is different and they all have their own situations.

You don’t see your doctors giving a one-size fit all treatment to you.

If there is anything you need to understand, it’s that you need to find a solution that works for you.

You have to embrace the responsibility of finding what works for you.

How do you do that?

By living life!

Okay, that’s obviously vague like an Internet Guru’s advice.

The way you find solutions that work for you is by constant experimentation.

You need to live life, get outside your comfort womb, and try different things. And over time, you will collect different solutions that work for you.

This is how I was able to find solutions to building better habits.

I found my solution to fitness through boxing.

I found my solution to reading through philosophy and psychology.

I found my solution to fun dates through action dates (i.e. Korean karaoke).

By living life, I was able to find (and love) solutions that worked for me.

Now, I will never be able to give my readers, customers, and friends the solution that will work for them. All I can ever do is provide guideposts.

Guideposts in helping with their self-discovery.

These guideposts are there to remind you of your responsibility in life and to give you ideas on possible solutions. I just want to be the spark to help you find your own unique, customized solutions to everyday human problems.

And if I can do just that, then The Charismatic Nerd has accomplished his mission.

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